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Tyrone Brady

CCP asks Tyrone Brady the deep questions about his craft

1. What gets you out of bed every day?

My full time job…What a new day brings and the opportunity that can arise at different moments and enjoying life with family and friends.

2. Who is the photographer that has inspired you the most?

It isn’t a photographer but a painter, Jeffery Smart. The way he creates such compelling and interesting artworks out of what most people see as mundane boring objects inspires me the most. 

To choose a photographer it would be Franco Fontana, the way he uses colour to compose his images is something I think makes him one of the greats. 

3. What current camera are you shooting with? 

Sony A7r iv 

4. When you are on a shoot do you play music? What other essential items do you have with you for a successful session? 

I become very observant when shooting and don’t listen to any music. I’m looking for geometric shapes, shadow play, texture and unique buildings that I can use in my images. While editing I like to listen to music that reflects my images. A majority of my images are named after songs or albums. 

5. In the digital world how important is the print?

Printing is the last piece of the puzzle I believe. 

Social media is a great tool to expose work across the world digitally but to create something physical for people to enjoy is what brings it all together.

6. B/W - Colour - Analogue - Digital. 

    Put these words in your order of preference and tell us why.

I love them all and what each medium brings to photography makes them all equal. 

To put them in order for my work process it would be:

Colour, Digital, Analogue, B/W 

7. Have you exhibited your work, and other than the print, how important was the framing process to you?

I have not exhibited my work yet. I believe that framing shapes the way I want my work to be viewed. It creates a window into a world that I want people to stop, look and think how this was constructed or take them to a place of their imagination.

8. What defines a great image?

Composition is everything! Without great composition the image lacks substance and doesn’t tell a story. 

9. What is your favourite photo that you have taken? Why?

It’s hard to narrow it down but if I had to choose one it would have to be “ The Inn”. 

I shot this in Santa Barbara and I love how the facade has so many geometric shapes in play. Adding in colour accentuates these shapes and gives the image a playful feel. 

10. What is the best photography advice you have been given? Tell us by who if you can or want to?

A quote by Mark Twain I read in a photography book that has always stuck with me.

“You can’t depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus” 

11. When you are not taking photos, what are you doing?

Working Monday-Friday and usually thinking about how I can construct my next image or adding a place into my memory bank so I can return there to capture it.

Tyrone Brady - February 2023

Tyrone's Gallery

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