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with Wendy McDougall 


Life on the streets is our everyday view. Most times we take this for granted but when you look through a camera subjects, themes and magic moments will appear. Typically, street photography is about candidly capturing life in public areas. With good instincts and desire to tell a story, street photography can be very rewarding.


Like most things time is needed to master anything. This session is designed to help you understand the basic building blocks of street photography and to inspire you.

DURATION: 3hr session

COST: $150 [inc 1 - 18” x 12” print and chat with CCP owner Iain in the lab at Charing Cross]

CLASS SIZE: Minimum 3, Maximum 8


TIMES: 9am - 12pm Please arrive about 10 mins early if possible to ensure start time.

             The first section will be a sit down chat, then we will go and photograph the streets

WHERE TO MEET: This detail will be provided in the week prior to the session.

GETTING THERE: Public transport is recommended but not essential. Meeting point will be chosen for easy access to a train station and buses. If you ride a bicycle please know we will be moving about on foot.


EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Basic understanding of photography a plus but not essential
NOTES: Info sheets provided where applicable. Some may be sent to your email.




Subjects and themes
Camera equipment

Colour and B/W discussed

Candid vs approaching people, plus rules for this.



Camera - This can be any type. The camera operations itself will be not be a focus in this lesson, it’s all about how to see and capture the magic. Phones are OK too.

Batteries - fully charged, spares if you have them

Empty memory cards

Camera Bag

Note book if you want to write anything down

Comfortable shoes

Water bottle and snacks

Sunscreen and hat, inconspicuous clothing
Sense of humour and kindness for others

Weather: Any weather checks will happen 24 hours and less before the shoot times.

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