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Kurt Bingham

 CCP asks Kurt Bingham the deep questions about his craft

1. What gets you out of bed every day?

Honestly, my first job every day is to make my wife coffee. So that's usually the first thing that gets me up in the morning. 

2. Who is the photographer that has inspired you the most?

It’s difficult to choose one as I find myself studying an array of different photographers. Though I would say the photographer who has inspired me the most is Joe Greer. He’s been able to fuse his lifestyle with his craft in such a seamless way and I really respect his approach to his work.

3. What camera and lens do you like shooting with and why?

My favourite is my  Nikon F3 with a Nikkor 50mm. It’s been with me on my honeymoon in Italy to some of my favourite campaigns. 


4. When you are on a shoot do you play music? What other essential items do you have with you for a successful session?

I like to listen to the environment around me. Often people watching or if I’m on set I’m working on connecting with the people I’m photographing.

5. In the digital world how important is the print?

Print is a non negotiable for me in a would where digital is so easily accessible. I find print is the only true and authentic way to connect with your own work. 

6. B/W - Colour - Analogue - Digital.

    What are your thoughts and ideas about these 4 different photographic concepts.

I believe each of them serve their purpose and are important to have in your arsenal as a photographer. 

7. Have you exhibited your work, and other than the print, how important was the framing process to you?

I’ve exhibited my work in a few retail spaces and cafes. Though the most important place I’ve exhibited my work is in the homes of the people who have purchased my work. 

My photos are very important to me so I like to take the time to custom frame with talented people like the team at Charing Cross Photo. Those photos will be hung on their walls for years so it’s worth the time and investment. 

8. What is it that defines a great image?

A personal curiosity that has been explored, refined and acted upon. 

9.What is your favourite genre of photography and why? and also your favourite photo? 

I would say my favourite genre is editorial because I enjoy the being curious about a subject, their surroundings and who they are. 


My favourite photo. . . I can't say I actually have one but most of my favourite photos are always linked to a personal memory like the two boys jumping off the wharf in Cefalu, Sicily. 

10. What is the best and most enduring advice about photography that you have received? Tell us by who if you can or want to?

What is obvious to you isn't always obvious to everyone else. 

11. When you are not taking photos, what are you doing?

My wife and I love to travel. If we aren't planning our next adventure we are often planning our next restaurant to explore. 

Kurt Bingham - March 2024

Kurt's Photo Gallery

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