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Brett Hilder

CCP asks Brett Hilder the deep questions about his craft

1. What gets you out of bed every day?

Every day is like a safari.

2. Who is the photographer that has inspired you the most?

    Richard Avedon

3. What current camera are you shooting with? 

A phone with what lens is needed.

4. When you are on a shoot do you play music? What other essential items do you have with you for a successful session? 

Music whatever makes my fellow collaborators inspired.. 

5. In the digital world how important is the print?

Very important.

6. B/W - Colour - Analogue - Digital. 

    Put these words in your order of preference and tell us why.

Whatever is needed to create the desired expression.

7. Have you exhibited your work, and other than the print, how important was the framing process to you?

Framing is very important.

8. What defines a great image?

The fine imbalance between form and content

9. What is your favourite photo that you have taken? Why?

The theatre of fashion photography. In my case I enjoy all the creative opportunities.

10. What is the best photography advice you have been given? Tell us by who if you can or want to?

Never take advice

11. When you are not taking photos, what are you doing?

I write

Brett Hilder - August 2023

Brett's Photo Gallery

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