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This Agreement is between a person (Applicant) submitting work to the CCPhoto Comp (CCPhoto Comp) and KQI Pty Ltd t/as Charing Cross Photo (ABN 35 161 072 840). By entering the competition, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:





  1. The CCPhoto Comp is a monthly competitive photographic competition with two entry sections: Open and Student

  2. The CCPhoto Comp for Open and Student (under 18 years) section are open to Applicants residing anywhere in the world (not restricted to Australia)

  3. Employees of Charing Cross Photo and judges are not eligible to apply.

  4. Charing Cross Photo will award a prize for each entry section.

  5. The “Theme and Brief” for each month will be decided by Charing Cross Photo.

  6. Copyright in the images remains the property of the image Creator/Photographer

  7. Personal information collected in the process of submission will be used by Charing Cross Photo to contact applicants and will be managed in accordance with The Privacy Act 1988 of Australia.

  8. Each Applicant acknowledges and agrees that as part of the application process he or she will provide personal information (such as names, address, telephone numbers, email addresses)

  9. Charing Cross Photo will add the Applicant’s email address to its e-newsletter database so as to maintain contact with the Applicants. An Applicant may opt-out of receiving the e-newsletter at any time.

  10. The Applicant should check all email folders, such as inbox, junk, clutter etc., to ensure they receive and read emails from Charing Cross Photo

  11. The Applicant agrees to indemnify Charing Cross Photo for any potential loss or legal action made against it.

  12. By entering the CCPhoto Comp, you confirm that you are the Creator and Owner of the work, that you have the permission of the subject or, where appropriate that of the subject's parent or guardian, that the work does not infringe copyright, that the image was not taken in circumstances of trespass or invading anyone's legal right of privacy, breach of industrial law or applicable industry code and does not to the best of your knowledge defame anyone nor was your conduct in taking the image likely to be misleading or deceptive and that you agree with the above Terms & Conditions

  13. All terms and conditions may be amended and/or updated at any time at Charing Cross Photo’s discretion

  14. Charing Cross Photo is entitled to exclude or remove from CCPhoto Comp any Applicant who has submitted false information or who does not comply with all terms and conditions set out by Charing Cross Photo.


CCPhoto Comp


  1. On the 1ST of each preceding month of the CCPhoto Comp, Charing Cross Photo will provide a Theme and Brief.

  2. The image must feature or reflect the essence of the Theme and Brief.

  3. The CCPhoto Comp is open to Applicants residing anywhere in the world (not restricted to Australia)

  4. Images must be created with a photographic device (including mobile devices) that captures images (experimental processes welcome). The image may be edited, enhanced and/or have filters applied.

  5. There is no time restriction on when an image was photographed and/or edited.

  6. Winning Images will hang in the CCP shop window so therefore please be considerate of your subject matter.


Applications & Judging


  1. Entry fees for the CCPhoto Comp

    1. AUD$10 per image

    2. Payment (in Australian dollars) can be made online or at Charing Cross Photo Lab

    3. Entry fees are non-refundable. Any entry not accompanied by payment will not be eligible for the competition and/or exhibition

  2. Applicants may enter only a maximum of 3 images per comp.

  3. Images can only be submitted online via the Charing Cross Photo website and must comply with the following:

    1. Taken using a device (including mobile devices) that captures an image

    2. Resized to 2400 pixels on the widest side (72dpi).

    3. Saved in the Adobe 1998 colour space.

    4. Saved in a jpg format with a file size less than 2mb

    5. Image title must be added during the submission process and the File name should be entitled with

Example - JulieSmith_bytheseaside_May_2022  [yourname_imagename_monthandyear (of competition entry)]


  1. A brief description, of up to 100 words for each image, must be added during the submission process.


  1. Deadline for entries is the 15th of each preceding month by 11pm (AEDT, Australia time) ie 15th May for the month of June Comp

  2. All images submitted will be available to the judges for consideration, however, the artists’ names are removed during judging, so the selection of successful image is decided based on the merit and power of the photograph rather than the celebrity of the subject or photographer

  3. Charing Cross Photo reserves the right to substitute judges

  4. The judges’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into

  5. The successful Applicant will be advised by phone and/or email on last day of the month.

  6. We will notify unsuccessful Applicants by email



Successful Applicants


Image upload



The successful applicant will be notified by phone and/or email at the end of month

  1. Winners are responsible for providing Charing Cross Photo with current/updated information to Charing Cross Photo such as names and contact details of artist/s

  2. Winners will be required to upload a high-resolution file of their image for printing and framing.

  3. Winners will be required to supply a short bio - in 100 words or less.

  4. Specifications for uploading the high-resolution file; the image should be:

    1. The largest original size. Do NOT upsize through Photoshop

    2. WITHOUT borders (no surrounding black or white)

    3. In Adobe RGB 1998 colour space

    4. Saved in 8 bit or 16 bit

    5. Saved as either a JPG or TIFF

    6. Image should be named as follows:  yourname_imagename_monthandyear (of competition entry)

    7. The image should be uploaded as follows:

      1. Uploaded using ( found on Charing Cross Photo website with the provided email address in the ‘To’ field

      2. Have your First Name, Last Name and Month of Competition entered in the ‘Subject’ field

      3. Put the image title in the ‘Enter Message’ field and any other info you wish to include


Prizes and Display of Framed Image



  1. Charing Cross Photo will award for the 


Open section

$250 [fixed amount] + an extra amount calculated on number of entries per monthly competition submissions fees.

Entry fees are pooled and allocated as follows:

50% - to winner

30% - CCP will be donating to a verified charity of the winners choice

20% - CCP administration

+ The winning image will be printed on archival paper, framed and hung in the window at Charing Cross Photo lab/shop in Waverly for the duration of 1 month. [approx. value $250] After this, the winner can take home their framed photo. [size, paper and frame style is at the discretion of CCP]

+ 1 signed copy of the book - ‘it’s only rock’n’roll but I like it…’ The music photography by Wendy McDougall [value $55 RRP]


Student section

$100 [fixed amount] + an extra amount calculated on number of entries per monthly competition submissions fees.

Entry fees are pooled and allocated as follows:

50% - to winner

30% - CCP will be donating to a verified charity of the winners choice

20% - CCP administration

+ The winner will receive an archival print of their winning image.


  1. Charing Cross Photo will discuss with the Winners their preferred paper to print on and frame type for the Open Section

  2.  Charing Cross Photo will display the Open Section Winners’ framed print for the duration of one month in the front window of the store. At the end of this period, the winners will be able to take possession of the framed print as part of their award.

  3. A Sale price for the work will be nominated and an artist’s bio will be displayed with the framed print

  4. Charing Cross Photo will notify the Winners of any potential commercial opportunity such as any sales and a commission of 15% will be applicable and payable to Charing Cross Photo upon sale

  5. The allocation of Awards will be as determined by the judges, and no correspondence will be entered into

  6. The Winners will be announced at the end of each Month via Charing Cross Photo’s Website, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

  7. The Winners in each section are responsible for providing an invoice and details of their bank account so that Charing Cross Photo can make payment to them.

  8. The Winners will cover costs of any shipping to them of their framed images

  9. Charing Cross Photo promotes the CCPhoto Comp through various channels; their Photo’s Website, Facebook and Instagram accounts at no cost to winners

  10. The Winners grant Charing Cross Photo, a non-exclusive license to reproduce their image for purposes of displaying the framed image, a non-exclusive license to use the image in any electronic media for the purposes of promotion.

  11. Charing Cross Photo will credit the photographer whenever Charing Cross Photo uses their work. Charing Cross Photo will supply the photographer's name to third parties (such as newspapers and magazines) and use best endeavour to ensure that images are credited.


  1. In the event of any dispute arising between Charing Cross Photo and the applicant, the parties will endeavour to resolves these through negotiation, mediation, independent expert appraisal or any other alternative dispute resolution technique

  2. If the dispute is not resolved by such agreement within fourteen (14) days of written notice by one party to the other of the dispute, either party may refer the dispute to arbitration

  3. Any expenses associated with the arbitration will be shared equally by both parties

  4. These terms can be amended by Charing Cross Photo at its own discretion and at anytime.

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