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CCP Photo Comp September 2022 - This month's comp is closed please refer to current month's theme

Theme and Brief - Through the Window

CCP Photo Comp September 2022 - This month's comp is closed please refer to current month's theme

View the view or view the viewer viewing the view.. so many options!

Looking through a window can be like using a magnifying glass to focus on one thing. The window frame helps define what you see. It’s a great metaphor but can act as an entranceway, or an escape hatch. Of course it’s often a great source of light so how you choose to use that will be as interesting as what you show us.

We want to see what you can see when you look through the window. What story captures your attention?

Try and feature the window in some way, make it obvious that you are looking through a window, or someone else is looking, and you are not just staring at a view or scene.. therein lies the challenge.

Rules: You can shoot new images or choose photos from your archive

Deadline: Comp opens 1st September 2022

Deadline for submissions 11:59pm, on 18st September

Number of entries per person: 3 max

Entry Fee: $10 per entry

[all fees are non-refundable]

Entry file: File type = jpg

File size = 2400 pixels on the longest side

Profile = Adobe RGB

File name = Your name, image name, comp month [eg: jules smith_title_May 2022]

No borders on images

With your submission: Please supply a brief statement [100 words or less]

Name of school if you are a student [under 18 years old]

+ website and/or Instagram address if you have one.

Judges:Owner & staff at CCP + a professional photographer

Winner Prizes:

Open section

$250 [fixed amount] + an extra amount calculated on number of entries per monthly competition submissions fees.

Entry fees are pooled and allocated as follows:

50% - to winner

30% - CCP will be donating to a verified charity of the winners choice

20% - CCP administration

+ The winning image will be printed on archival paper, framed and hung in the window at Charing Cross Photo lab/shop in Waverly for the duration of 1 month. [approx. value $250] After this, the winner can take home their framed photo. [size, paper and frame style is at the discretion of CCP unless the photographer can come to the lab and discuss this in time]

+ 1 signed copy of the book - ‘it’s only rock’n’roll but I like it…’ The music photography by Wendy McDougall [value $55 RRP]

Student section


+ The winner will receive an archival print of their winning image.

+ 1 signed copy of the book - ‘it’s only rock’n’roll but I like it…’ The music photography by Wendy McDougall

All the winning images will be shown on the CCP website and in our social media.

Winner requirements: High res version of their submission

Submit a short bio [100 words or less]

General FAQS:

~ There are two sections in each monthly competition:

1. Open [professionals and amateurs]

2. Student [must be 18 years and under]

~Your entry must be your original work

~ Images can be taken on any device or camera

~ Only works submitted electronically will be accepted

~ Your entry can have been taken at any time, there is no limit but please tell us the year taken if you can.

~ All Photographers retain their own copyright

~ By entering the competition you grant CCP the right to use your image in any promotion and marketing campaigns

~ You MUST provide files and information as in our terms & conditions

~ If you are a winner you must confirm that any people sitting purposely for your photograph give their consent, or provide reason why this was not possible.

~ CCP have the right to refuse the original winning image if it is not to a printable standard or the photographer can’t supply their file for print in time with the competition timetable.

~ Please remember that CCP attracts families and young people to our lab, as well as having the general public walk by our shopfront so please be mindful when choosing your subjects. Do not submit content that is unsuitable for under age people. CCP reserves the right to refuse unsuitable images.

Please read the full Terms & Conditions

Get clicking… good luck!


Charing Cross Photo

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