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NEWSLETTER #1                                             4th April 2022        


Hello and welcome to PICS ON THE WALL, the first newsletter from Charing Cross Photo.


Let’s mention the elephant in the room straight up…..




Though COVID continues to stain our lives, with the reduction of restrictions and the chance to be out and about again, we feel like this is akin to a new start, so we here at CCP want to say ‘welcome back’. We hope you have made it through the tough times and can see light at the end of this long tunnel, however we will continue to observe healthy COVID practise rules to keep you all safe and well.


We’ve got some great new plans and events in the pipeline to help lift your spirits.


First off the block is to announce our new monthly ‘Photo Comp’. These will be for all ages and skills. There will be an Open section as well as one for Students [school age]. So it’s time to recharge your batteries and sharpen your creative skills. You can shoot new photographs or choose images from your archive. Each month CCP will provide a theme.


The winning entry in our Open section will be printed, framed and hung in our shopfront window in Waverley, then you get to take home the framed work. Plus the winner will receive a copy of the self-published 192 page book -  ‘it’s only rock’n’roll but I like it…’ The music photography by Wendy McDougall.

The winning Student will receive an archival print of their entry. Plus the Student winner will receive a copy of the self-published 192 page book -  ‘it’s only rock’n’roll but I like it…’ The music photography by Wendy McDougall.


All winning images will be shown our website and social pages too..


Get a Head start!

The first round will officially open on 1st May 2022 but being the first round we would like to give you a head start. The first theme is:


Theme and Brief : the Eastern Suburbs in Black & White


Being the first round of the CCP Photo Comp so we are looking for a B/W image with big a WOW factor. Something that you would want to hang on our wall. An image that evokes an emotional response, is creative, and will have everyone looking at your photo in the CCP shop front window and say WOW!

The subject needs to have a sense and flavour of the area where CCP lives - the Eastern Suburbs.


Photographs can be newly taken or from your archives.



Keep an eye out for our next Newsletter, social media posts, and website for the details where and when to send your submissions. Good luck!

bike shadows.jpg


at the beach v3 ©WMcDougall.jpg

CCP is committed to nurturing and building a great photographic community, to help people learn and enjoy their chosen artistic medium. To this end we will soon be introducing photographic workshops.


The first sessions will have a focus on Street Photography, at the beach or in the city. The location is your choice depending on your interest, or sign up to do both. A gallery of participants images will be put on our website after each session.


There will also be One on One Consultations available for anyone who needs guidance with editing and or have plans for exhibitions.


The Workshops and Consultations will be given by Sydney professional photographer Wendy McDougall. In time we will add workshops by other professionals.


Announcements will be made soon with full details how to book.


If you have your eye on our website recently you will notice it might look a bit different at various times. The site is currently being reworked as we test the waters with our new plans and pages.

The basic needs are all still there - information for your prints and framing - as well as easy to find details for our regular services such as passport photos, film development and scanning, and even photographic shoot services if you are in need of a photographer. We have a great source of professionals on tap for you.


Call us anytime here at CCP to discuss your requirements.


CCP also want to say to our framing magician Eli and all his family  ‘CONGRATULATIONS  and  ‘WELCOME TO THE WORLD - Olive’.


Olive arrived safe and sound and is looking forward to being framed regularly by her dad in all the photos she is sure to be in..



Don’t forget to come by the shop/lab on a Wednesday to see our fabulous furry friend Marley. Michelle brings him in when she is here to complete your framing job.

Marley low res.jpg


Keep your eye on our Charing Cross Photo facebook page and Instagram for all sorts of information, news and just good old plain entertainment..


Facebook is also a place where you can share your own work with us and others. Please like our pages, share the links, add a #CharingCrossPhoto tags to your own posts, and feel free to ask questions or start a discussion with other photographers.


Life is too short not to have fun.


Sign up via our website.


As a Member you will receive news of upcoming events, offers and deals.

There will be a special deal entry fee for our competitions for our Members as an example. We will also be looking out for photographers to feature on our website from our members section too.


We offer 10% discounts for Professional Photographers who sign up




There is so much more brewing but we’ll let all this sink in for the moment. And we really do hope that you are all ok. With so much going on in the world remember to be kind to yourself and those around you..



Take care..

Iain and the team at CCP




All photos on the newsletter are by ©Wendy McDougall


“Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow”

Imogen Cunningham   [1883 - 1976]

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